2019 Innovation Station / Highlights

2019 was a successful year for our clients as we worked together to think creatively about strategic marketing.

The digital era means that client websites are on a shorter cycle for relaunch and upgrading. 2019 saw our client Market Check, launch a state-of-the-art new website with geo-targeting so that it is uniquely configured for site visitors from different parts of Australia.

Check out: www.marketcheck.com.au

Award-winning client SaulSMSF has had a busy year too, launching a new website

and winning some major new accounts.

Innovation Station also assisted in

developing a Process Manual for the

practice. Check out: www.saulsmsf.com.au

Have you got the taste for wild-caught Yamba prawns? The new brand and website "Yamba Wild" for David Saul is now live. Flavours of the Ocean... mouthwatering yes! Check out www.yambawild.com.au

Welcome to our new client ElecData, a business that outgrew its original website as they became an electrical contractor of choice for much of Sydney’s new transport infrastructure redevelopment. Check out www.elecdata.com.au The brand revitalisation included a new tagline “Creating Connections”.

is your tagline holding up for the new decade?

Congratulations to Enspira Financial who have successfully completed a full decade – yes 10 years – of client workshops, with hundreds of new clients coming through their doors each year. Here’s to a successful next 10 years Enspira! Check out: www.enspira.com.au

Would your business benefit from events?

JOIN OUR SURVEY Many of our clients are deliberating whether to feature a pop-up window on their home page to promote a product or invite viewers to join the mailing list.

Do pop-ups distract from the website user experience? Or does the promotion value outweigh the distraction?

We will let all survey respondents know the results of our targeted research.

WHAT IS THE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT OF YOUR BUSINESS? If you’d like to deploy Emotional Intelligence development in your business, let us know and we’ll organise a special offer.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING & TRAINING Di has begun running customised inhouse workshops for major Australian organisations such as LendLease and VW to train their trainers to roll-out new procedures through their organisations. If you need assistance with change management or training… you know who to call!

At Innovation Station our purpose is to create success stories for our clients’ businesses. We look forward to working with our current clients and new clients in the new decade.

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