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Creating an event and getting excited about it is great but, it is finding out how to convey that excitement to promote the event that is the hard part.

We pride ourselves on consistent marketing and getting the right message across to your target segment. Among the array of marketing services we provide, which you can view in more detail here; we will also promote and market events that your company plans to hold.

If your company has an event coming up, we will design a campaign to promote that event through social media posts, leaflets, email campaigns and more to ensure exposure and a cohesive message.

A client of ours, Retail Doctor Group, holds annual events, known as, Fit for Business™ Breakfasts where we design graphics, banners, email campaigns, brochures and track attendance numbers. Here is what we've created in the past:

Holding events are a fantastic way of inviting people into your business and meeting like-minded people in the industry. It strengthens your business offering and can often give a buzz to the office environment in the time leading up to the event.

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