The Art of Case Study Structure

Case studies allow for potential clients to view the services you offer in a tried-and-tested fashion.

They can follow the journey from beginning to end and view the outcome. For our client, Retail Doctor Group, we designed their individual case study webpages to reflect the process in a structured and engaging way.

The use of colours helps break up the word-heavy nature of case studies and aids in the categorisation of the aspects in the case study; for example, insights are a blue colour, strategy is green, and implementation is always paired with red.

For this case study in particular (Readings), all three services of RDG were provided but other clients may only need strategy or insights. The colours make it easier to identify what service RDG provided.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales case study

Another important aspect to the case study webpages is the client quotes provided. These quotes add to the overall case study and exhibits that what was set out, was achieved.

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