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Retail Doctor Group is a omnichannel retail consulting firm specialising in the implementation of consumer insights led strategy and building of 'business fitness'​ to increase sales, productivity, profitability and wealth. As an industry leader, maintaining their strong market position and enabling future growth was the key goal.


Modernising the brand and positioning was the first step in gearing up for growth. The website was redesigned to showcase the firm's expertise and results gained for their retail clients. A strategic approach to the social media strategy saw Brian Walker nominated as a Top 50 LinkedIn Influencer globally for the retail industry. The acclaimed Retail Innovators Awards program was launched to create a hub of best practice Australian retail.


Retail Doctor Group has grown beyond initial budget targets with high profile client acquisition such as Cancer Council, Westpac, Clark Rubber, AusReo and Chatime.

Telephone 02 9402 9492  Address 123 Maxwell Street, South Turramurra 2074


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