Market Check

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The Story

Market Check is an agribusiness professional services firm that specialises in leveraging commodity and financial markets for the benefit of Australian grain growers. As an independent firm in a market place dominated by multinationals, breaking through to gain market share was a key challenge.


Brand marketing helped leverage Market Check's status as a boutique, independent firm and communicate the company's competitive advantage of delivering top industry performance. Creative thinking on product positioning, a bespoke website, branded product logos, visually striking product brochures, editorial and engaging digital marketing strategies all work together to compliment the marketing mix.


Since we started working with Market Check 6 years ago, the company has seen revenue growth of 1000% - yes, one thousand!! Market Check now holds 25% market share of pooled wheat on the east coast and continues to strengthen its position year on year. Market Check has won a number of awards including The Australian Small Business Champion of Agribusiness in 2014. Market Check is now a recognised and respected brand in the agribusiness industry and market leader in actively managed wheat pools.

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