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The Story

Elecdata had a surge of growth following the success of several projects across the Sydney region. Projects include installing and upgrading data networks, maintaining electrical services, and innovating rail networks. The website needed to be updated to reflect the growth and showcase breadth and depth of work. The expansion into new markets such as ferries and airports also required a repositioning strategy.


We maximised the effectiveness of the repositioning strategy and future growth by leveraging the existing brand identity. This was achieved by strengthening the current stature of the brand through broadened graphic elements and enhanced colour palettes. These were implemented throughout all distribution channels including the development of a new website. Market expansion was tackled through engaging corporate brochures and was supported with new tender documents.


Elecdata underwent a large shift in positioning and strategy. The brand now gives a comprehensive feeling of competence and experience. The elaborate showcase of work is now communicated cohesively on the website and through corporate brochures. Elecdata is now entering their desired markets and expanding throughout their current avenues.


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