Emotional Intelligence during COVID-19

Improve skills in adaptation and emotional intelligence.

Unlock the power of emotions and improve your Emotional Intelligence skill sets (Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness & Relationship Management).

The effects of COVID-19 on our personal and working life have forced us to adapt to certain circumstances.


We all know the reasonable way to react to big change, however, some businesses and teams struggle with transitional periods. 

You may be asking:

How can I improve how I cope to create better outcomes for myself, my team and my family?

We are offering a complimentary and confidential phone conversation with Diana du Preez, our Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Founder of Innovation Station.

Improved Emotional Intelligence and creative solutions can assist in these areas of your business and personal life:

  • Balancing Business, Working from home and Family

  • Adapt to change effectively

  • Maintaining connection through physical isolation

  • Make wise choices through using a professional sounding board

  • Business advisory and personal coaching


Di brings emotional intelligence and business skills together. As a qualified EI practitioner and corporate trainer, Di presents a number of business, EI and leadership topics for the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) including Strategic Marketing and Leading with Emotional Intelligence.

Complimentary and confidential

15-minute consultation. 

Di will discuss the areas that you need to focus on and offer some tips to help take control of your future.