Arthouse Direct

Arts & Crafts Supplier

The Story

Arthouse Direct is an art supplies retailer. They act as a distributor for arts and crafts supplies

that are often limited to wholesale sale. Despite this, they lacked awareness from the general

public. There was a desperate need for raising brand awareness across the board and

associating the brand with artists and creators.


The most effective approach was to market to consumers through social media directly. A social media strategy was implemented to address this. It capitalised on creators that used Arthouse Direct’s products –and then emphasised the creative potential of everyday consumers. Facebook and Instagram were used to promote these awe-inspiring works and inspire the general audience. Workshops and inspirational posts were also promoted to encourage engagement further.


The success of the campaigns can be attributed to the well-executed segmentation of the strategy. The content aligned with the values and aspirations of the target audience –invoking emotions of interest and inspiration. The engagement and growth of social platforms have been tremendous. Attendance at workshops has also noticeably increased following the strategy.

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